Tuesday, August 12, 2008

60 years .............................................. yet not discovered

The crippled and wrinkled so called Mother India is getting ready for yet another make over before independence day so now 61 years old Mother india (oops !! crossed retirement age)
getting her wheelchair repaired to reach Red fort for independence day.

Officials must have started searching for " Tiranga" in there stores sto get it washed and ironed or if it is damaged by rodents (as it always) so getting it repaired.

Year after Year passed and now we are 61 years old. we got our independence in stroke of midnight but yet waiting for the morning. if we jot down the achievements even the keys of my system will feel embarrassed .The fact cant be denied that we can sum up our achievements in few pages and feel ourself on cloud nine for a day or two.but if we start keying the scams and scandals even terabytes will be too less.

Several question arises and various debates will go on , Do we really value or Freedom?, Do we really know what independence day is or its just another holiday for "youngistan" to freak out with their buddies.

oops !!! i cant write more, I cant see myself humiliating so much.............................................................

" Lets take our national heroes out of the text book, they are not just to excel us in some exams"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

even god cannot save this country - supreme court

Thanks Mr. SC for quoting such a wonderful statement .yes i think if persons like you are going to hold such dignified chairs "even god cant help"

After reading excruciating statement from SC even Iqbal's pen must have sheded tears which once wrote

" sare jahan se acha ,hindosta hamara"

I just want to ask a question to the authority , who is responsible for the condition you ,me, or any other person in particular, definite answer could be thatt we are responsible for it.everybody wants the change , but nobody wants to change.

Honourable SC you have no right to comment in such a manner whatever we are , we are happy , we are happy with a aimless society, a purposeless government, some people running the country who barely walks, we are happy fighting with each other,we enjoy everything.

even we believe

"karmanyavadhikaraste maa faleshu kadachanam"

yup!!!! fruit is never meant for us we are just to make promises (123 agreement). we are just to work.

Let the terrorist do what they wish " evil will be punished for his sins", who are we to hang afjal guru, we can just lift the ban from SIMI. guests are like god for us even if they banged us for 150 years.

we are happy in short we are INDIANS

jai hind