Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Neither congress ,Nor BJP let INDIA win

Mumbai train blasts, jaipur blast , Ajmer blasts, Delhi , Gujarat, Bangalore etc are still echoing in the ears of the masses , but unfortunately our deaf government under the leadership of deaf and dumb prime minister didn’t heard anything .Mr. Mukherjee has still all options open after 4 months of Mumbai attacks. When our eyes were glued to tv screens watching our brave commandos fighting with the terrorists in Taj ,Trident and Nariman House , Our then Home Minister was busy changing clothes . In our country expressing condolences to the family of Martyr’s of the country s termed as “POLITICS”. Loving our country, countrymen, defending our religion everything is termed politics by our biased media.

Gujarat riots were preplanned while development of Gujarat is an accident. Yes sickular media and government has reason for everything . India Mujahiddin is the after effects of the condition of minorities . so what should we do now , we should stop giving them subsidies, reservations , special schemes etc While the Malegaon blasts were RSS sponsored , Hindu terrorism or as our media says “POLITICS”. I am not justifying any act of terrorism here in our country but our government does.

Some want Maharashtrian to be Prime minister, some says Muslim or he should be from Bihar , UP Blah blah blah. But do they ever say that he should be Indian first from heart from origin and from every aspect.

Varun Gandhi shouldn’t be allowed to contest elections , he should not be allowed to live in the country that’s what I heard a media person saying but ajmal kasab , afjal guru are welcome on “Red Carpet” . Mohammad Ajharuddin who sold the dreams of millions of people is welcomed but the one who is talking justice for 80 crore Hindus should be jailed , executed and whatever. What’s the guarantee that a person who didn’t played with mere bat and ball but with the feelings of millions of people of the country , will not sell the country for few more bucks , let’s decide yourself.

so Lets vote for the country this time , let India win this time .

jai hind