Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"chaliye aaj fir ek shuruat ki jaye"

I was traveling from Indore to Bhopal. The general compartment was crowded as always. I too struggled to find some space for standing in the compartment, after a while train left from the station. Many people were standing along with me, few up downers were chatting and their was a constant flow of knowledge from the scholars as they were trying to be. After going through America via Israel, Pakistan, stock markets, recession they landed on the age old favourite topic “youth and moral values”. One middle aged scholar quoted “today’s generation have forgotten all their values and ethics”. I was getting bored with the expert views of scholars but had no option other then to listen their crap. After a while a man of same breed introduced a topic very much popular these days i.e. ‘Hindutva’. The man with the tilak on his forehead was trying to justify the deeds of Ram sena , bajrang dal. As they were discussing the topic the train stopped at a station. A Muslim woman in a burqa probably in late twenties with a baby in his hands stepped into the compartment, suddenly the scholar who were raising their voice in favour of the Gujarat riots, ram sena , bajrang dal , started murmuring. A boy in his early twenties was sharing space with the scholars. He was also listening to the crap they were discussing, he too was Getting bored as I was. After seeing the woman he stood up and offered his seat to the same woman with a baby. She said “bhaiya aapko taklif hogi” ( Brother you will be uncomfortable). He said didi I am a Hindu. My religion tells me to help others irrespective of the caste, colour , religion even if I loose my life for the same. She didn’t understand any thing may be she was thinking that boy is psycho but the scholars did understood everything. I Don’t know what they were thinking after that because there was a total Silence after that. But I really appreciated the way he taught ‘Hindutva’ to the scholars in a youngistan’s way.