Wednesday, December 3, 2008

will it make difference

main jaag raha tha,

taki desh so sake,

main maun tha,

taki desh hans sake,

main goliyan kha raha tha,

taki desh chen se khana kha sake,

main hamesha ke liye so gaya,

taki desh jag sake,

spectre of terror strikes again , politicians on there job , news channels media on there everybody is busy encashing the situation , everyone trying his/her best. some are thinking it the best platform to get publicity after flops after flops. few running sms polls to fill in few more bucks in there pockets. i am confused over the issue who are the real terrorists those who attacked mumbai and later gunned down by army and NSG commandos or the ones who are attacking after this mayhem. we should negotiate either with Islamabad or Delhi itself .

candle light vigils , series of protests , demand for the better leadership. yup i agree its good to be vigilant but for how many days or weeks. why our conscience speaks after a big thing happens or we were waiting for the same.well i am not discarding the outraged faces of the masses but who is responsible for the condition . well answer for this question cant be sought out.

"phir andheron ke saudagaro se ujale ki umeed lagaye baithe he"