Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life underneath............

Its 12:39 few hours more and the stars and moon will be relieved from their job as sun will be the next ceo of sky for next 12 hours (may be less its winter). Its midnight now but my eyes are still wide open thoughts are pouring in and out about career, relationships etc. well we know future is uncertain then too half of our life is wasted on thinking about that I was too doing the same presently, a chain of thoughts was building in my mind similar to few of my friends do with puff of cigarette in front of college. Suddenly this calmness was broken by the whistling of the train I checked my watch it was the time for kshipra express (indorehowrah express). Well this whistling have a transcendental effect on my mind. it again initiated new chain of thoughts well this time they were not just thoughts but accompanied by visuals too. Few more months, and I will be a graduate so as my realm in indore will get over and I will be ready for another life sucking experience termed as PG . why am I saying it as life sucking experience? These are the building blocks of our life. But the answer is simple are we on planet earth for this bullshit or it is planned that way. Will our exit will be as enigmatic as our entry was. There is no pattern in nature every design is unique but aren’t we patterning our lives by moulding it into the same mould every time and searching for some literal life underneath. why am I writing this just because I want it to write for whom I am writing it.when I know I am the part of the same and will be for rest of my life . can I make any difference? But how can I . confused…….. confused………confused. 1:24 now agin heard the whistling of train cant predict which train this time may be the one I predicted before after all it is India. But anyways I am back to my senses but fury of questions still remains unanswered. Can they be answered? I think they are difficult to crack .but simple solution can be(not answer as I believe few questions are to be answered and few to be solved) lets play the part which comes on our way and don’t argue much . but my quest for definite answer for this conundrum remains the same.

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