Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Independence Day- WAts UR WAY OF CELEBRATING........

“ kyu savera bhi aaj nind main he,
Suraj bhi akela sa is bhid me he,
Havaon par jaise kisi ka pehra he,
Vakt bhi kuch der aaj thehra he,
Jameen bhi aaj kuch udaas he,
Ho na ho aaj kuch khas he,

- arpit singh parihar

First of all very happy independence day to all of you, the starting lines of this post induce a sadness on such an occasion , the occasion which gave me right to express myself independently , but this feeling which I tried to pen down is of the spectators of the freedom struggle who were there during bloodshed at jalianwala bagh they were also present when Bhagat Singh , Sukhdev , Rajguru embraced death for our better tomorrow , they are still there , I can understand there feeling , what they feel when they watch us fighting amongst ourselves, I don’t know about there reaction either they feel pity for those who devoted there life for the freedom , or they feel like laughing ok so you are the ones who gave your life see what they are doing of the freedom , but some where in the bottom of there heart they feel what I tried to express through my pen. Why I always write something which points to the negative thing , why don’t I try to look the positive facet of the things , am I pessimistic ,who always tries to see problem in every opportunity. But I think we Indians have a great problem of being optimistic every time, which made us so resilient towards the problems that now we can adjust with anything almost everything , we have billion plus population what is the harm if few dies in say some terrorist attacks , instead of hanging kasab we are enjoying reading the crap he says in the court , and our media enjoys the stuff and find worthy to publish it and telecast it , Is he a hero that we should know about his parents his whereabouts , his sisters , kasab wants mutton curry denied eating jail food front page news in leading dailies has anyone inquired about family of shahid LT. Manoj Pandey and Vikram Batra , I am sure many of you will ask who are they , what they did. Our over optimism has lead us to what we are today . The reaction we commonly have when someone asks “ hey buddy there is a problem” our obvious reaction “ don’t worry dude we will adjust” instead of solving the problem we adjust .

What freedom means to us……….

I asked a man a day before how you will celebrate independence day , he said just making arrangements for the same , I felt a bit delighted at least he has some enthusiasm to celebrate freedom, I asked what arrangements you are making he said just going to buy some booze as tomorrow is dry day. I got hold of another man and asked him about celebrating freedom , he replied I do it everyday , I asked him can you show me , he paused for a while and then said I just now enjoyed the freedom before you came I pleaded please I want to see , how do you celebrate everyday , he said ok let me try if I can do it again. He went to roadside and started peeing. we Indians believed in a age old theory which we closely attach with globalization that is “ vasudhev kutumbkam” meaning whole world is a single family , now it’s a bit like “ vasudhev shauchalayam” whole world is toilet . wow what a way to enjoy freedom . I didn’t stopped it here only I asked a person who had a criminal background about the same thing his answer was exciting then above all “ we too enjoy the freedom but we have to pay for it , but its ok until and unless we are enjoying it”. so everybody has one way or other to enjoy freedom what is yours??????


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  1. We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box . ....................................................