Friday, April 9, 2010

Imperfection is beautiful

Well this is little out of track topic , it does not goes with the theme of my blog , and sorry to all of you posting so late , really guys MBA is not that easy , this post is for my friend who is always worried about imperfection .

Beauty lies in imperfection , imperfection is what makes u happy , parents feel much happy when their children starts speaking those unclear words , which only they can understand rather than when they starts speaking everything clearly ironically which they only can’t understand but others do.

In a movie or show you laugh on a comedian because he tries to show himself imperfect and you feel very happy, a person slips on a banana peel you laugh your heart out because of the imperfection, you enjoy listening a foreigner speaking Hindi or recently in movie 3 idiots everybody enjoyed the presence of chatur because of his imperfection.

Just imagine a scenario if all mountains were perfectly cut at angles, triangles basically will it be beautiful no way or if all the trees were perfectly straight would it have been beautiful . there are millions of examples or in short we remember things because of its imperfection , so if you are imperfect don’t worry you are beautiful.

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